Woman Faces Life-or-Death Search for Bone Marrow Donor

An Australian woman is conducting a worldwide search for a bone marrow donor to give her a chance to survive a devastating bout with leukemia after finding no matches among the 13 million registered donors around the globe.

Twenty-seven-year-old healthcare worker Lavanya Scholes had her world turned upside-down last year when she was diagnosed with leukemia in October. She had just married and bought a new home in Southern River with her husband, Simon.

Instead of planning their future, Scholes, who has spent her working life helping others, is unsure if she will get to see Christmas.

Doctors say Scholes has a chromosomal abnormality that makes her leukaemia very high risk.

Her condition is made grimmer by the fact she isn't Caucasian — the world's bone marrow donor list is largely made up of Caucasians.

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