Honoring Women: Victoria Osteen

Each one of us knows at least one of those special women -- the woman who may have tucked us in at night as a mother, taught us in a classroom as our teacher, or given us pride in our heritage as a member of our family. This Mother's Day, May 10, FOX News Channel wants to honor those women who have shown courage and given inspiration in every facet of their lives.

You may know Victoria Osteen from her role as co-pastor alongside husband Joel at Lakewood Church; others may have come to know her as the best-selling author of Love Your Life: Living Happy, Healthy, and Whole. But today, we're talking to Victoria about something she holds dear to her heart -- being a mother.

FOX Fan: Define “mother” – what does that word mean to you?

Victoria Osteen: The dictionary cites a mother as the woman who gives birth. But I have learned that a mother is much more than that. A mother provides a stable home, nurtures her children’s body, mind and spirit, and instills discipline and confidence in her children. A mother establishes the foundation upon which her children will achieve their God-given destiny.

FF: What has been your most fulfilling moment as a mom? What has been your biggest trial?

VO: The happiest moments I have as a mother are when I see my children becoming who God made them to be. As I watch them grow and become interested in various things, I imagine their future -- successfully doing those things they feel passionate about. I ponder the great things they will accomplish, and I find myself being proud of them even before they have accomplished them. I love who they are becoming.

Ironically, my greatest trial is allowing them to become independent from me. I know they must do this in order to achieve their God-given destinies, but a part of me wants them to stay home, stay little, and always call me mommy.

FF: As you already have enormous responsibility as a mom, what made you decide to dedicate yourself to your husband’s ministry?

VO: I have to give a great deal of credit to my husband. When Joel’s father unexpectedly passed away, Joel and I were forced to adjust rather quickly. One day, shortly after Joel began to speak regularly, he told me that he felt the ministry would not achieve its true potential unless I stepped up and assumed the role God had for me. I knew he was right, and I did just that. As I began to speak and share my heart with the church each Sunday, people would tell me how the words I spoke affected their lives. It wasn’t long before I realized the significance of the role God had for me.

FF: How do you balance the role of mom with your work with the church? How do you incorporate the role of mom into your work?

VO: Before Joel and I stepped into our positions in the ministry, we decided that we would not neglect our children in the process. We not only home-school our children, which keeps me in close proximity to them, but we decided that we would involve them in everything we do. It has worked out quite well. Today, our son plays the guitar in the Lakewood band and our daughter sings during some of our services. By keeping my children close, I am able to fulfill both roles, both as a mother and as co-pastor of the Church.

FF: What are three values you’ve given to your children that you hope they pass on to their own?

VO: I believe that more is caught than taught. It is through our own example that our children learn their most valuable lessons. As a family we put God first. From this, my children have learned that they are never alone, but that God is there with them always.

Second, we are a close family. We not only have a great deal of fun together, but we are each others’ biggest fans. My children live out the importance of family, and I hope that one day they will have successful and loving families of their own.

Finally, I want my children to understand how important they are to this world and to accept the responsibility they have in it. My greatest joy is to see them making a difference in the lives of others.

FF: Who are the women you looked up to – the women who inspired you to be who you are?

VO: First and foremost, I admire my own mother. She is a strong woman who has run her own business for over 35 years. Watching her, I realized at a young age that a woman can do anything she puts her mind to. From her example, I learned that a woman can be successful in other things and still be a great mother to her children. She showed me that if we communicate with our children on a daily basis, we can not only be great mothers, but we can be our children’s best friend as well. She is still my best friend today.

FF: What’s the importance of mothers playing a role in the many facets of society – i.e. business, politics, culture, etc.?

VO: By creating a stable and nurturing environment in the home mothers play a critical role in every aspect of society. When a mother nurtures a child’s dreams and encourages his or her success that mother is producing an adult who will contribute to our society. When a mother teaches her son or daughter to find and develop their talents, and to share those talents with the world, our world becomes a better place.

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