Girl,6, Heads Home After Traveling 4 Days With Intestines Exposed

A 6-year-old girl has recovered and will soon head home after a horrific injury left her with her intestines exposed.

Little Dulcie Nakai and her uncle Iambai Pisau made a four-day journey from their remote Papua New Guinea village to Cairns, Australia after the girl fell from a classroom window and pierced her abdomen on a sharp hibiscus plant.

The fall left her intestines "exposed" and her uncle was forced to travel for four days to get the girl proper medical attention.

The two were flown to Thursday Island where they will stay for about a week while Dulcie continues to receive medical attention for the horrific abdominal injuries that almost claimed her life.

The journey included travel by foot, ambulance, boat, helicopter and plane in a desperate bid to get her to Cairns and save her life.

Uncle Travels 4 Days to Save Life of Girl, 6, With Intestines Exposed

After arriving in Cairns last Monday, Dulcie was rushed into emergency surgery at Cairns Base Hospital. She has since made a rapid recovery.

Dulcie and her uncle will be taken back to Wando, a remote PNG village on the border of Indonesia after her stitches are removed.

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