News Corp Explores E-News Pay Model

News Corporation chairman Rupert Murdoch said Wednesday the media conglomerate was closely examining new ways to make money from its newspapers, including charging for content made available on electronic reading devices and the Internet.

Although Murdoch was confident of monetizing the growing appetite of readers for the electronic devices, he was dismissive of the possibility of News using a new newspaper-adapted version of Amazon's e-book device, the Kindle, to sell content.

"We don't believe in the Kindle business model," he said. "But we are very interested, and think it's very significant, that so many people go to that for their newspaper or go to their BlackBerrys, for that matter, to get their news."

A group of newspapers, including the New York Times and Washington Post, announced this week that they would test the new version of the Kindle for subscription purposes.

The plan is to offer discounts on the Kindle to lock in some subscribers who access newspaper content electronically.

Murdoch said News would "not be feeding our content rights" to the Kindle's creators.

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