Pennsylvania Man Charged With Stealing Baby's Ashes

A western Pennsylvania man has been ordered to stand trial on charges he stole a wooden box containing a dead baby's cremated remains during a home burglary.

Derek Tate, 18, of Westmont, is charged with abuse of a corpse and other charges in the April 17 burglary. The home's owner reported someone took the box containing the remains, a baseball cap, jewelry, and $20.

Police arrested Tate after the homeowner's son saw him wearing the stolen cap the next day.

Police say Tate won't tell them what happened to the box of ashes. They don't know if Tate realized what was in the box, and believe he may have thought it contained valuables.

Tate's defense attorney says he won't comment until Tate's formal arraignment next month in Cambria County court.