Do It Yourself Cleaners, Part 2

Accidental Housewife Julie Edelman shares these great tips for keeping your house clean with common household items:

Toilet Bowls
Pour a can of cola into bowl
Let sit for one hour
Swish with toilet brush to remove rust rings and mineral deposits

Rescuing Your Cell Phone
(in case you drop your cell in the toilet or if it takes a spin in your washing machine)
Use a blow dryer on cool to dry out battery
Leave in bowl of uncooked rice for three days
Brush with toothbrush

Vacuum first, then mop with micro-fiber cloth and put half a capful of mouthwash on it for a fresh, minty clean smell

Broken Glass
Sweep or vacuum up larger pieces
Then pick up shards with a slice of fresh bread or Play Doh

Carpet Cleaning
For chocolate, red wine and pet stains
First vacuum to remove debris/dirt before removing stains
Shaving cream for 15-20 minutes -- blot don't rub
Rinse with 2:1 solution of water/vinegar
Deodorize with some baking soda and sprinkle over carpet
TIP: Deodorize vacuum with dry coffee grounds

Newspapers Can Multitask
Shine faucets, chrome fixtures, clean windows (without the lint left by paper towels) and absorb odor in your garbage can or sneakers