Woman's Mysterious Weight Gain Turns Out to Be 40-Pound Ovarian Tumor

Doctors in Chicago say they have removed a 40-pound tumor from a woman’s ovary, CBS2chicago.com reported Tuesday.

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For years, Dennita Sierra was told to lose weight, but no amount of dieting or exercise would shrink the massive tumor growing inside of her. A CAT scan earlier this year revealed a basketball-sized ovarian tumor on the left side of her body.

"I mostly carried the mass on my left side. All my organs shifted to the right," Sierra said.

Last week, Dr. Jacob Rotmensch, a surgeon at Rush University Medical Center removed what he called a “borderline tumor,” meaning it was cancerous, but very slow-growing.

There are no adequate tests for ovarian cancer or tumors, Rotmensch says, but women should get a pelvic exam every year. Sierra admits she hadn't been to the gynecologist since 2006.

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