Woman Accused of Taping Boyfriend's Dog to Fridge Given OK to Live With Dogowner Mother

A University of Colorado student accused of taping her boyfriend's dog to a refrigerator will be allowed to live at her mother's home in Chicago this summer, even though her mother has a dog.

Boulder County Judge Noel Blum granted the request from 20-year-old Abby Toll on Monday.

Toll was arrested April 14 after police say she and her boyfriend got into a fight at his apartment.

Police say she used packing tape to bind the legs, snout and tail of the 2-year-old shiba inu, then stuck the dog upside down to the side of the refrigerator.

Toll later allegedly told authorities that she taped the animal to the fridge because she was mad at her boyfriend for refusing to get rid of the dog.

Toll is charged with felony aggravated cruelty to animals and drug possession.