Liberal Media Bias Is Alive and Well

A quick trip around Hannity's America...

Playing Favorites

Apparently President Obama didn't see enough of the press last week. Just two days after his prime-time news conference, he decided to stop by a press briefing to say hello to his fans. And when he arrived, his adoring groupies jumped to their feet. Take a look at the excitement.

Now of course, standing when the president of the United States enters a room has been a longstanding tradition here in the United States, but we've found that the tradition recently took an eight year sabbatical during the presidency of George W. Bush.

I have to say that the only thing I was surprised about through all of this is that the press was able to hold back their applause during President Obama’s grand entrance.

'60 Minutes' Too Long

Welcome to another edition of "60 Minutes" in 60 Seconds. Sunday night, the liberal network's flagship news program took an in-depth look at what happens to Gitmo detainees after they are released back to their home countries. The following highlights CBS's "neutral," "unbiased" and "fair" investigation:


DAVID MARTIN, CBS CORRESPONDENT: President Obama has ordered the prison camp at Guantanamo Bay closed. More than half the so-called detainees will probably never go before a jury because the U.S. government does not have a case that will stand up in court.

So what happens when a prisoner is set free from Guantanamo? What we found is a rehabilitation program that attempts to make solid citizens out of holy warriors by convincing them bin Laden has it all wrong.

This is what we would call in the West anger management.

(Voice-over): Khalid al Jhani was once a disciple of Usama bin Laden.

KHALID AL JHANI, GUANTANAMO DETAINEE: I've been involved in this jihad thing since I was young.

MARTIN: Jhani was captured in Pakistan and ended up in Guantanamo with hundreds of others so-called enemy combatants.

(On camera): They come out of Guantanamo hating Americans.

DR. ABDUL RAHMAN AL HADLAQ: In the beginning, yes.

MARTIN (voice-over): The treatment en route to Guantanamo was rough and provided the raw material for Al Qaeda propaganda videos to drum up new recruits.

(On camera): Is there evidence that Guantanamo has made them more radical?

HADLAQ: I think so, yes.


Another proud moment for CBS News. I can only imagine what they'll blame the United States for next week.

Caught on Tape!

Justice Souter's announcement that he will retire has the White House scrambling to find a replacement and the person at the top of that short list is rumored to be a liberal judge from the Second Circuit Court of Appeals in New York named Sonia Sotomayor.

But a recently uncovered tape of the judge is stirring up a great deal of controversy concerning her possible nomination, and some are saying it could even take her out of consideration for the post altogether!

Let's just say, she's not exactly of the traditionalist mindset:


JUDGE SONIA SOTOMAYOR: All of the legal defense funds out there, they're looking for people with Court of Appeals experience because it is — Court of Appeals is where policy is made, and I know, and I know this is on tape, and I should never say that because we don't make law, I know. OK, I know. I'm not promoting it, I'm not advocating it. You know. OK.


Judge Sotomayor needs to remember that nobody elected her to anything. Her words prove she doesn't belong anywhere near the U.S. Supreme Court.

Crisis Management

The Meltdown is brought to you by the phenomenon formerly known as global warming.

A Washington environmental group is planning to recommend that climate change activists drop phrases like "global warming" for more marketable terms. They say that global warming conjures up images of protesting long-haired liberal environmentalists causing the average American to tune out.

Instead of talking about global warming, they are urging activists to discuss "our deteriorating atmosphere." They also want to drop talk of carbon dioxide for "moving away from the dirty fuels of the past."

Meanwhile, a recent poll placed global warming 20th on the list of issues that voters are most concerned with.

I don't think renaming global warming is going to incite any widespread concern. Of course, maybe Joe Biden can help out by sounding the panic alarm. He's getting good at that.

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