Baby Put on 2,000-Calorie a Day Diet in Fight for Life

A tiny baby who has battled health problems since being born prematurely has been put on a 2,000-calorie-a-day diet as she struggles to catch up to a normal weight.

Samantha Holloway, 35, has had to prepare huge amounts of high-energy foods for her 16-month-old daughter Agatha, who nearly died when she was born early and is still physically small for her age weighing less than 17 pounds.

When she arrived 11 weeks early, weighing 3-pounds, 11-ounces, Agatha suffered heart failure and doctors fought for 90 minutes to resuscitate her and help her breathe on a ventilator.

In her first months, she suffered a brain hemorrhage, chronic lung disease, an open heart duct, life-threatening high blood pressure and an immature gut, which meant she was unable to digest milk.

She was allowed to go home with her parents at 3-and-a-half months but was still suffering from reflux, where stomach contents come back into the esophagus or mouth and make babies stop breathing.

Now, she is on a special diet, eating foods like yogurt, roast duck and pork, pesto, vegetables cooked in olive oil, chocolate and milky desserts.

That is on top of the high-calorie milk fortified with prescription powder she drinks, giving her half the 2,000 calories a day she consumes — the amount usually recommended for an adult woman.

Agatha's food intake has been recommended by a dietician who has said there will be no long-term adverse effects.

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