Soldiers Claim KBR Exposed Them to Toxic Smoke in Lawsuit Filed in 3 States

KBR was sued in three states on claims that the U.S.-based military contractor exposed American soldiers to poisonous smoke while they were stationed in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The lawsuit was filed Tuesday in Georgia, Alabama and Illinois by at least 20 current and former military personnel, contractors and the families of two men who allegedly died because of exposure to smoke, according to Reuters.

The suit alleges that the engineering and construction giant improperly disposed of hazardous waste and exposed contractors and soldiers to toxic fumes and ash.

"These exposures are causing a host of serious diseases, increased risk of serious diseases in the future, death and increased risk of death," the complaints in all three states said.

Representatives for KBR reported that they had yet to review the situation and declined to comment on specific allegations, according to Reuters.

The company did release a short statement via e-mail.

"The general assertion ... that KBR knowingly harmed soldiers or contractors is unfounded," KBR said. "The safety and security of all employees and those the company serves remains KBR's top priority."

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