Is PETA Darling Pam Anderson a Hypocrite?

Is Pam Anderson a hypocrite?

The trainwreck blonde bombshell recently lent her name to the launch of a strip club/steakhouse in New York, despite being a vegetarian and PETA spokeswoman.

An animal-rights activist, she was shunned by Malcolm Harris, who designed the Prime 333 Steakhouse inside the New York gentlemen's club called Sapphire East.

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Harris was attacked by Anderson's favorite charity, PETA, after he once commented to a fashion blog: "I don't wear random fur, I only wear ermine -- and I never wear fur in the summer."

Harris called Anderson "a hypocrite and loser for even being there," said our insider.

Anderson, wearing "a $10.99 jumpsuit," posed with Steve Schirripa and Vinnie Pastore before they all left early because the air conditioning wasn't strong enough.

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