14-Year-Old Kansas Girl Will Be Tried as Adult for Murder

A 14-year-old Kansas girl will stand trial as an adult for allegedly shooting and killing another teenager when she was 13.

Kearie Brown of Kansas City, Kan., is charged with felony murder and attempted aggravated robbery in the shooting death of Scott Sappington Jr. last July, according to fox4kc.com.

Brown is accused of shooting 16-year-old Sappington in the head at point-blank range in an attempted carjacking as he was driving away after dropping his younger siblings off at their grandmother's house.

The victim's father, Scott Sappington Sr., told fox4kc.com that he couldn't believe it when he found out his son's accused killer was a 13-year-old girl.

"It's hard to even begin to know how to feel about it. I can't hate a child," he said.

"It was pretty devastating to hear the things she was surrounded by in her lifetime, situations. It seems that there was a lack of caring for this child...lack of attention," he told fox4kc.com.

He said he is pleased with the court's decision to try Brown as an adult.

"It's hard to even begin to understand how a 13-year-old would have those types of thoughts or even have access to a weapon, let alone just to try to take someone's car," he said, according to fox4kc.com

Since her arrest, Brown has received 57 infractions against her in juvenile detention.

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