Congressman Slams Obama-Chavez Meeting

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Kowtowing to Castro

The president's international apology tour may have won accolades from many around the globe, but one Republican congressman took a different view.

Representative Lincoln Diaz Balart of Florida took to the House floor Tuesday to explain why President Obama's love session with Daniel Ortega and Hugo Chavez was damaging to the United States and the world, especially to the cause of human rights in the communist outpost of Cuba:


REP. LINCOLN DIAZ BALART, R-FLA.: The Summit of the Americas, held in this last weekend in Trinidad and Tobago, constituted an embarrassment for this hemisphere. Chavez sends Castro billions of dollars and receives orders from him.

What the world witnessed at this last weekend's Summit of the Americas was a culmination of years of preparation in the purchase and cultivation of advocates by Fidel Castro.


Diaz Balart went on to point out how the president's so-called diplomacy has paved the way for a very happy Fidel:


DIAZ BALART: Somehow they knew that President Obama would refer to the Castro's totalitarian fiefdom as Cuba. Somehow they knew that President Obama would not respond to Mr. Ortega that at the Bay of Pigs Cubans bravely fought to spare their country half a century of totalitarian oppression. Of course they knew.

President Obama had just unilaterally granted the fiefdom's owner hundreds of millions of dollars a year in exchange for nothing.


Mr. President, hopefully it won't take you too much longer to learn that engaging anybody and everybody has serious consequences, not only to the United States, but to the cause of liberty and freedom around the world.

Early Contender?

Are we there yet?

No, we are still 1293 days away from the next election, but that isn't stopping the speculation on which Republicans will step up to the plate to contend against President Obama in 2012, and former New York Governor George Pataki's high-profile speech in Iowa Wednesday has ignited rumors about his plans to run for president.

The speech at Drake University was billed by many as a scathing review of Obama's first 100 days in office, a landmark that the administration will reach next Wednesday. And Governor Pataki did not disappoint, coming out swinging against Mr. Obama and the DHS intelligence report that suggested U.S. veterans may be easy recruits for radical organizations. On that matter, Pataki did not mince words, saying Janet Napolitano is "more frightened by the threat of our returning soldiers than by the threat of Islamic terrorists... she is dead wrong... the right thing to do is fire her."

His early introduction to the people of Iowa is being met with rave reviews from those in attendance according to the

I have a feeling the field is going to get a little more crowded before it's all said and done.

Scaring the Children

The Meltdown is brought to you by the vanquished vice president and his hit enterprise Current TV. Current TV's Web site reported Monday on a poll that indicates that one in three — yes, one in three — children fear an Earth apocalypse.

The survey of 500 children found that one third of children between the ages of six and 11 fear the Earth won't exist when they're older, and another 56 percent fear the planet will be a very unpleasant place to live, all because humans are destroying it! I wonder why that is?


FORMER VICE PRESIDENT AL GORE: The Arctic is experiencing faster melting. If this were to go, sea level world wide would go up 20 feet. This is what would happen in Florida. Around Shanghai, home to 40 million people. The area around Calcutta? 60 million people.

Here's Manhattan. The World Trade Center Memorial would be under water. Think of the impact of a couple hundred thousand refugees and then imagine a hundred million.


Congratulations, Mr. Vice President, it seems that all of your hard work and fear mongering has finally paid off. Maybe you can take those kids on a ride on your private jet.

Baggy Pants Ban

If you like to wear your pants a little bit baggy, well, you've got a friend in the city of Riviera Beach, Florida. A county judge there has ruled that a law banning residents from wearing their pants below their waists is unconstitutional. The measure was put into affect after 72 percent of Riviera voters approved the plan. Offenders of the law were forced to pay a fine of 150 dollars or perform community service.

But residents of the city have run into a roadblock in the form of Judge Laura Johnson. According to The Palm Beach Post, the county judge has ruled that, "No matter how 'tacky or distasteful' the fashion style, freedom of choice and liberties guaranteed under the 14th Amendment must prevail."

But make no mistake. An attorney for the city says, "That's not the end of it, unless my city says to drop it."

Well, in the meantime, youngsters in Florida are free to sag their pants at will! I doubt our Founding Fathers envisioned the Constitution would be the deciding factor in a baggy pants court case.

Only in America.

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