Mac-Specific Virus Threat Hits Cyberspace

That down-on-his-luck PC guy from the Apple commercials may be exacting his revenge.

A new type of computer threat specifically for computers running Mac OS X has the blogosphere in uproar as Macintosh owners realize their machines could be just as vulnerable to the cyberattacks that most often target Windows users.

The iBotnet, a "Trojan horse" program, has appeared in pirated copies of Apple's productivity suite iWork '09 that circulate on peer-to-peer file-sharing networks, the New York-based Post Chronicle reported.

Once infected, each Mac falls under the control of the malware's creator, who can then "herd" the infected machines into a "botnet," a massive virtual supercomputer stretching across the Internet.

Mac owners, however, may have little to worry about for now. Experts told the Post Chronicle that the iBotNet Trojan has infected only a few thousand Macs at most and is not a danger to the average user.

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