Airline Launches 'Pets-Only' Flights for Animal-Friendly Travel

A airline company has launched the world's first pets-only flights dedicated to animal-friendly travel.

Pet Airways will cater for people who loathe the idea of their pets being stored in the cargo hold area during a flight by offering their pet-only service.

From July, the new airline will fly dogs and cats in the main cabin of a turbo-prop Beech 1900 passenger plane which has furnishings such as the seats and bins removed, with animals placed in their private pet carriers and locked into a restraint system.

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The plane can hold up to 50 dogs or cats. A pet attendant checks on the animals and makes sure they have regular toilet breaks during the flight.

“Pet Airways is the world’s first airline exclusively dedicated to the safe and comfortable transportation of pets,” the company’s website says.

Pet Airways will fly to 42 US cities including Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and Washington.

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