Texas TV Reporter Shoved and Handcuffed While Covering Car Crash, Officer Investigated

An ABC Action News reporter and his cameraman were arrested for "interfering with public duty" while attempting to cover a car crash in El Paso, Texas.

Journalist Darren Hunt and cameraman Ric Dupont were at the scene of the accident on Monday trying to interview witnesses when they were approached by a policeman who asked them to leave, according to video footage captured by Dupont.

Hunt initially protested, saying, "I'm not doing anything!" and asking the officer why he was handcuffing him.

But he soon gave up and walked toward the news station's van.

The policeman followed, shoving Hunt against a witness' car before arresting him and Dupont, the footage shows.

"That’s not the type of conduct, based on the video, that we expect from our officers," authorities said in a prepared statement.

The policeman has been placed on administrative duty while an investigation is under way.