Love It or Hate It? Katie Couric's New Super Short Hairstyle

Kate Couric is apparently hoping a super short cut can boost her longevity in the anchor's chair.

The embattled "CBS Evening News" anchor unveiled a new, short 'do this week, both on the telecast, and on the CBS Evening News website, where her new, short-haired head already pops up here and there on promotions.

But's beauty and style expert Noelle Watters, for one, isn't a huge fan of the perky newscaster's new look.

"I actually much prefer the old hair style," says Watters. "The new boy cut has aged her. While she may have been searching for a change, she went way too short."

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Was Couric just following the lead of fellow celebs who went from long to lopped-off?

"All of the girls who cut bobs a couple of years ago -- Katie Holmes, Victoria Beckham, Kate Walsh -- grew them out slightly, and are wearing more curls than straight styles," said Watters. "This would have suited Katie Couric, softened her up a bit, and made her look younger."

Watters thinks that Couric, 52, may have accomplished what she set out to do with her short hairstyle, however,.

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"If she's trying to be taken more seriously with a 'severe' cut, she may have accomplished what she wanted" Watters says. "But it’s not flattering."