British Actress Found Hanged Two Days After Show's Finale

A talented young actress who starred in a long-running TV series has been found hanged two days after the show ended.

Stephanie Parker starred in the TV series Belonging for seven years

The body of Stephanie Parker, 22, was discovered on open ground near Pontypridd on Saturday morning, South Wales Police said.

Stephanie was a regular member of the cast of the BBC Wales drama, Belonging.

She had played the role of Stacey Weaver since she was 15 years old.

The tragedy happened after the final episode of the award-winning series was broadcast last Thursday.

"Stephanie's talent played a major part in making Belonging the success it was and I'm sure that the programme's fans will be shocked by this untimely news," said Clare Hudson, BBC Wales Head of Programmes, English Language.

The drama, set in the Welsh Valleys, was brought to an end to pave the way for a new BBC Wales flagship drama.

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