FBI Agents Among More Than 100 Witnesses to Testify at Mumbai Terror Siege Trial

More than 100 witnesses, including U.S. FBI agents, will testify at the trial of the man police say is the only surviving gunman in the bloody Mumbai siege, Indian prosecutors said Saturday.

Five foreign experts will present evidence against Mohammed Ajmal Kasab, special public prosecutor Ujjwal Nikam told the court Saturday on the second day of the trial.

Kasab is accused of being one of 10 gunmen who killed 166 people, including several Americans, in a three-day rampage through the city that targeted a train station, two luxury hotels and a Jewish center.

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Nikam said the FBI had analyzed four global positioning devices found on the dead gunmen after the attacks and these would be instrumental in proving the men had come from Pakistan.

Opening the trial Friday, Nikam said Kasab had a direct hand in the deaths of 72 people and was part of "a criminal conspiracy hatched in Pakistan" which could not have been undertaken without training from "intelligence professionals" in Pakistan.

India has blamed the Muslim militant group Lashkar-e-Taiba.

Pakistani officials have acknowledged the November attacks were partly plotted on their soil and announced criminal proceedings against eight suspects. They also have acknowledged that Kasab is Pakistani but have repeatedly denied their intelligence agencies were involved in the attack.

Kasab and his co-defendants — two Indians accused of helping plot the attack — have been charged with 12 criminal counts, including murder and waging war against India. If convicted, all could face death by hanging.