Wayne LaPierre Rejects 'Extremist' Label; Defends Second Amendment

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GLENN BECK, HOST: Let me go to Wayne LaPierre. He is the CEO of the National Rifle Association.

Wayne, I want to talk to you because today -- oh, by the way, hello, fellow extremist.



BECK: You don't like being called an extremist?

LAPIERRE: You know, we are -- I feel like you, we are the mainstream of America. We are the center of the river. That's the deepest part of the river and Americans believe in their constitutional freedoms. That's what separates our country from every other country in the world.

BECK: Wayne, come on. The Constitution, that's old stuff.

I mean, look, Obama is not going to take away any guns. Eric Holder is not somebody that's ever been on record wanted to take away people's rights to guns, is he?

LAPIERRE: You know, I understand the attack's coming. I mean, Dianne Feinstein said the other day she's going to pick the time and the place. Well, my message in terms of NRA is -- let us know when and where because NRA will be there along with hundreds of millions of American citizens to defend our freedoms. We are not going to let the politicians take them away.

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BECK: Look, I want you to know, America, full disclosure, here: This, a) is an opinion show; b) I'm a conservative, I'm libertarian but I'm a conservative and c) I've never joined a group except my church until the NRA. And, Wayne, when did I join, like two years ago? I join the NRA because I sat in a room with these...

PIERRE: I think that's about right.

BECK: I sat in the room with these guys and they could have easily said, "Oh, yes, you know what, then we're going to really sandbag the Democrats." They sandbagged the Democrats and the Republicans. They stand up for the Democrats and the Republicans. They only care about the right under the Constitution.

You can call them extremists if you want, but if this guy is an extremist, if the NRA is an extremist, we need more extremists, the ones who will stand for the Constitution.

Let me -- let me talk to you about a couple of things here, Wayne. First of all, the international treaty from 1998 that President Obama is going down right now into Mexico, and he is saying we need to get this because we need to stop these guns coming across the border. They're crazy. All these guns coming across our border, we've got to stop it.

Can you explain this treaty and why it didn't -- why it didn't get through the Senate in 1998?

LAPIERRE: Well, it's been sitting around for a number of years, and the fact is that -- and somebody put out even a ridiculous statement that somehow NRA participated in drafting it. That's completely untrue. It's been sitting around for a long time. There's -- you know, there are some things in there that we're concerned about. I mean, how it affects reloading of ammunition. How it affects police departments, the small police departments who might want to resell some of the firearms that they confiscate.

BECK: This has...

LAPIERRE: But I'll tell you this, we are not going to let -- stand by and let some of these countries that have no constitutional freedoms, no Bill of Rights...

BECK: Right.

LAPIERRE: ...somehow dumb down our American standard of freedom to some lesser standard.

If there's anything in this treaty in the final product that infringes on the constitutional right of American citizens to own firearms, we are going to oppose it.

BECK: This calls for countries to adopt strict licensing requirements, mark firearms when they are made and making them easier to trace, establish cooperative process for sharing information between national law enforcement agencies investigating arms smuggling.

Look, I don't want arms going across our country's borders. I don't want them in the hands of illegals. I don't want anything. But, this, Wayne, is the thing that I want to really get to you with -- the Homeland Security report comes out and says anybody who's thinking that the president is going to take away your guns or anything else, I hope he doesn't, I hope he doesn't.

But he has been on record saying it, so has Eric Holder. He is on record saying that everything, oh, we need to start clamping down on this. There is a movement to the left. This kind of stuff is exactly the way the progressives move. When they can't get it done in the voting booths, then they kick it up to the courts. If the courts won't do it, then they kick it up to international law. They sign us to a treaty and then all of a sudden, your rights are gone, because the Constitution doesn't matter anymore.

LAPIERRE: Well, you're right. I mean, the U.N. is trying to do that. They're trying to pass, basically, a global gun ban on all individual possession of firearms ownership.

And I'll tell you this -- if you're sitting at home at 2 a.m. and the glass breaks or the door breaks in your how house, don't call the U.N. because they're not going to be there.

This freedom we have in America is one of the shining freedoms we have that's been lost in most of the rest of the world and we as American citizens need to stand there and defend it.

BECK: OK. Wayne, I appreciate it. Thank you very much.

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