Man, 62, Sues for $125G Saying Ohio Police Made Him Walk Home in Polar Bear Pajamas

A Cincinnati-area man is suing two suburban police departments, saying he was falsely arrested and then humiliated when he had to walk through his neighborhood in pajamas with polar bears on them.

In a suit filed Wednesday in Hamilton County, 62-year-old James Williams says he was getting a document from his pickup truck in his driveway when he was arrested and forced to the ground.

The former firefighter says he was an innocent bystander in the investigation of a man who had crashed his car nearby. The lawsuit says Williams was taken to a gas station where a man had stolen gasoline and that he was held in a police cruiser for about 20 minutes.

Williams says he had to walk home in his pajamas when he was released. He's asking at least $125,000 from the departments and officers involved.