Families of Two Slain Students Will Sue Virginia Tech to Find Out Truth Behind Officials' Actions

The parents of two students slain at Virginia Tech say they've filed lawsuits because they want accountability for their daughter's deaths.

The parents of Erin Peterson and Julia Pryde said in a statement Friday they want the truth about officials' actions the mornings of the shootings. The school has been criticized because it delayed notifying students of the first two killings for more than two hours.

Peterson and Pryde were among 32 people killed by student gunman Seung Hui-Cho, who also killed himself.

Their parents sued the state, the school and employees Thursday, the second anniversary of the shootings and the deadline for a lawsuit.

They were the only eligible families who didn't accept their share of an $11 million state settlement. Their lawsuits allege gross negligence and seeks damages of $10 million.