Behind the Scenes: Lindsay Lohan Blackberry Panic Breaks Out at Ronson Bash

Lindsay Lohan causes quite a commotion, even when it's not her.

Thursday night at the Lucky Magazine celebration for the launch of Charlotte Ronson's "Made With Love" swimwear line at the Thompson LES, there was a moment of Lohan-driven Blackberry panic.

"Lindsay's here?!" freaked a rep.

Since Samantha Ronson and Lindsay Lohan's very public breakup a few weeks ago, hotel and event staff had strict orders to keep La Lohan far far away from Samantha's sister, designer Charlotte Ronson, and Shoshanna Russ' fete on the hotel's seventh floor.

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(It had been previously reported that Ronson was seeking a restraining order against her once Sapphic starlet, though that was later denied.)

"How did she get in? There was no way she could have gotten past us!" another panicked employee was overheard whispering into her phone.

Reps with clipboards and dark suited men flanked the lobby of the hotel, so how could the waifish redhead have slipped in unnoticed?

Soon, the potential drama was resolved.

"Lindsay Price, not Lindsay Lohan, is here," another publicist realized. "She's a good friend of Shoshanna's."


And everyone at the party could breathe again.

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