Scottish Environmentalist Compares Wasting Energy to Drunk-Driving, Calls for Government Crackdown

A leading environmentalist in Britain is calling for a government crackdown on people who waste energy, saying it is an "antisocial act" comparable to driving drunk.

Dr. Richard Dixon, director of WWF Scotland, said many people don't take action in their homes to prevent climate change and should be subject to penalties, Scottish news station reported.

"Even if you can afford it and you think it's your right to waste energy in any way you like, we should start to think of that as antisocial, and the government should start to crack down on that," Dixon told BBC Radio Scotland's Morning Extra program Tuesday.

"I'm certainly not talking about the police turning up on your door and carting you away to jail," he added.

Dixon called instead for a "more directive approach," saying it is an antisocial act to waste energy "just as it is antisocial for people to drink and drive or to smoke in pubs where smoking is now banned," reported.

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