Castro: No Interest in Joining 'Vile' Organization of American States

Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro announced Tuesday that Cuba has no interest in rejoining the Organization of American States, or OAS, claiming that he did not want to even "hear the vile name of that institution," according to Reuters.

Days before the OAS' Summit of the Americas is set to begin Friday in Trinidad and Tobago, many Latin American countries have begun to petition to allow Cuba back into the organization in the hopes of promoting the regional cooperation and democracy that the organization promotes, Reuters reported.

Cuba was suspended from the OAS in 1962 following the 1959 establishment of Castro's communist system, which was judged as being "incompatible" with the principles of the organization.

In a column published Tuesday, however, Castro accused the OAS of being involved in "aggressive actions" that ultimately resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people.

The OAS, Castro wrote, "has a history that collects all the trash of 60 years of betrayal of the people of Latin America."

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