2 Washington Teens Killed by Passing Amtrak Train

Two Washington state teenagers were killed when a northbound Amtrak train plowed into them, according to KPTV.com.

The train struck the teens at about 7:10 p.m. Tuesday while they were standing on the northbound tracks waiting for a southbound freight train to pass on the other side.

The conductor of the Amtrak train slammed on the brakes and began to blow his whistle when he spotted the pair standing in his path — but they didn't move, KPTV reported.

Deputies in Woodland, Wash., said it's likely the teenagers couldn't hear the approaching passenger cars because of the noise of the freight train going by in the other direction.

Elizabeth Melnick told the TV station that she heard the train honking at the teenagers as it approached.

"It was blaring a lot longer and a lot more often," Melnick said. "Little did I know, there were people on the tracks they were trying to warn."

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