Sick Baby Refuses to Die, Keeps Breathing After Life Support Turned Off

Canadian parents who made the difficult decision to turn off their 2-month-old daughter's life support so that they could donate her heart to another baby were shocked when the little girl continued breathing on her own, Agence France-Presse reports.

Kaylee Wallace was born with a fatal brain disorder that was expected to prevent her from living without life support.

After they were told by doctors at Toronto Sick Kids Hospital that their daughter's condition was hopeless, Kaylee's parents decided to donate her heart to a 1-month-old, severely ill baby in the same hospital.

But Kaylee defied the odds and continued breathing without life support after doctors turned it off Wednesday. Because of this, Kaylee is no longer a candidate for organ donation.

"This is obviously tragic for both of the families," said hospital Dr. Jim Wright.

Kaylee's father Jason Wallace said he feels badly for both his daughter and the other child, who remains in stable condition at the hospital.

"Losing our daughter's okay, I understand that," he said. "But I don't want to lose two."

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