Seth Rogen Says He Was More of a 'Smoking Weed Behind the 7-11 Guy'

Seth Rogen may play a mall cop in his new movie, but malls weren't his primary hang-out when he was a kid.

"I was more of a smoking weed behind the 7-Eleven guy," Rogen told FOX News Tuesday at the premiere of "Observe and Report." "So yeah, didn’t go to the mall much."

Rogen's very glad he chose acting over a career in mall security.

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"[Being a mall cop] is not the greatest job in the world I think," he said. "They get a lot of disrespect."

Co-star Ana Faris concurred.

"They just don’t have enough power," she said. "I was a patrol crossing guard in elementary school, man. I loved it. I loved the power."

Faris, who plays a makeup counter girl in the movie, the object of Rogen's affection, has fond memories of mall life.

"Ahhhh, Orange Julius," she opined. "We also had Glamour Shots. I could never afford to go get my glamour shots done. But we would always walk past it, my girlfriends and I, just dreaming [about getting] our glamour shots done one day."

Co-star Ray Liotta's mall memories were not so rosy.

"I was driving my mom’s car. I was on vacation from college. I took it to a mall. I came out, and it was gone. Someone stole it. That’s my mall story."

"Observe and Report" opens nationwide on Friday.