The Mission of the Nationwide Tax Day Tea Party!

We caught up with Juliana Johnson, National Communications Director of Nationwide Tax Day Tea Party to learn more about the movement and its mission!

Tell us about the overall mission of the Tax Day Tea Parties.

The mission is two-fold. Of course to get people to come out and show their displeasure for the irresponsible government spending but also to gather people together. Many of these people have never been political activists and so this is a great opportunity to start connecting people all across America.

How did this movement begin?

The movement began after Rick Santelli went on air calling for a Tea Party. Myself, the DontGo Movement, Top Conservatives on Twitter, and Smart Girl Politics banded together and put on a few hundred Tea Parties on Feb. 27. After that, the interest grew rapidly, so we decided to have another on April 15, which is appropriately Tax Day.

Why is this important event to hold now?

This is important for our country since we have been silent much too long. We are not here as Democrats, Republicans or Independents; we are here as Americans.

What do you hope the outcome of this event will be? What action do you hope the government takes?

We want the government to stop the irresponsible spending and represent us the way we deserve to be represented.

Are you surprised at how the movement has swept the nation?

We are happily surprised with the results. When we started this in the very beginning, we started with only a few people. Now we have grown to over 500,000 supporters in a period of a month.

What happens after April 15th? What do you want people to take away from these events?

After April 15 we will be starting state coalitions to get people plugged into their local issues. We want people to start getting involved -- people who are not political activists but regular citizens.

For more information about the Nationwide Tax Day Tea Party, click here.