Inside the San Antonio Tea Party

FOX Fan sat down for a Q&A with Julia Hayden, an organizer of the San Antonio Tea Party. Below are her thoughts on the April 15 event!

What is the mission of the Tax Day Tea Parties?

The primary focus of the committee organizing the San Antonio Tea Party is the impossibly bloated stimulus bill -- although many of our members were drawn to participate by their own concerns with regard to the Constitution, unwise legislation, arrogant legislators and the corruption of the political process. I should like to also point out that as an organization, we are not affiliated with any particular organization, movement or political party, although many of our members are – coincidentally – members of various concern groups.

Is there a specific action that the committee organizing the San Antonio Tea Party hopes the government will take following these nationwide events?

Rescind, revise, rewrite the stimulus bill... hopefully, once they realize the depths of our unhappiness with it. We will have postcards going out to our elected federal representatives. What those postcards will say? What the people attending the Tea Party will feel moved to write on them! Once we give them the cards, it becomes entirely about them voicing their own personal opinion.

Why is this an important dialogue for our country to be engaging in right now?

It is our responsibility as free citizens to speak up when we are deeply concerned about actions which will affect so many people - including our children and grandchildren. We are not subjects; we are citizens.

What is planned specifically in San Antonio?

Our Tea Party event is set for Alamo Plaza, on Wednesday, April 15.

Glenn Beck will do his live broadcast there, from 4p to 6p et. At 6p et we will begin with our program of speakers – to include Mr. Beck, among others. Our list of speakers is being finalized in the next day or so.

We are estimating between 3,000 and 5,000 people will be in attendence.

What happens after April 15? What do you hope people will take away from this event?

We hope to be able to continue with other Tea Party events and initiatives, that our elected officials will take notice and take effective action in addressing our concerns. This is truly a non-partisan and grass-roots event. Anyone in elected office, at whatever level cannot afford to ignore this many unhappy voters.

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