Inside the Atlanta Tea Party!

FOX Fan caught up with Amy Kremer, Nationwide Event Coordinator and Co-Chair of the Atlanta Tea Party, for her perspective on Wednesday's protests!

FOX Fan:
How would you describe the overall mission and goal of the Tax Day Tea Parties?

The mission of the Tax Day Tea Party protests are to send a message to Washington and our elected officials. We must make sure that our decision-makers in Washington know that there is significant opposition to these reckless tax and spending proposals. We want to send the message that these elected officials work for us. We hired them, and we can fire them. If they don't want to listen to the American people and their constituents, we will work tirelessly to retire them when they are up for re-election. We want them to know that we are no longer the silent majority.

FOX Fan: Why is this an important dialogue for our country to be engaging in right now?

It is an important dialogue simply because we are heading down the slippery slope to socialism, and that is not what this great country has ever been about, nor is that where most people want it to go. We are proud of our country and will do everything we can to stand shoulder to shoulder and protect the constitution and this great land. We CANNOT spend our way out of this massive debt. The excessive spending has got to stop. We cannot sit back and watch this happen from the sidelines.

FOX Fan: How and why did you get involved in this movement?

I became involved in this movement back in February after Rick Santelli had his rant on CNBC. I am a blogger and a member of TCOT (Top Conservatives on Twitter), and we all came together on a conference call on Feb. 20 to plan the first round of tea parties on Feb. 27. We had great success on the 27th and decided to start making plans for the Tax Day Tea Party! I am the nationwide event coordinator for the entire Tea Party Movement and also one of the Atlanta Tea Party co-chairs. I have never been involved in anything like this in my life. I have never been involved in politics or have been an activist. I am your everyday average American that is tired of screaming at my TV and radio. I have realized over the past six weeks that I am not alone!

FOX Fan: What is planned specifically in Atlanta? How many people will be in attendance?

Atlanta has a huge event planned! We have people coming from all over the country to the Atlanta Tea Party. Sean Hannity will be broadcasting live from our tea party, and John Rich of Big & Rich will be performing. We have speakers lined up and entertainment for the attendees. This is going to be a great interactive event with video and audio production. Although we have no way of confirming how many will attend, we are expecting 10,000 people minimum... possibly many more!

FOX Fan: What happens after April 15th? What do you hope people will take away from this event?

We will not stop trying to have our voices heard and holding our elected officials responsible for their reckless and out of control spending. We will work to retire anyone that votes for the excessive budget that is now in conference. We promise that we will move forward, and all Tea Party Patriots are on board with this issue. This is not a partisan issue, but an American taxpayer issue. We will be finding a fiscally responsible Democrat and Republican for each Congressional district to challenge any representative that votes in favor of the budget. There will be even more tea parties on July 4. This is just the beginning!

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