'From Sandra, To My Killer' Note Could Slow Search for 8-Year-Old's Killer

Investigators reportedly have returned to the mobile home park where a murdered 8-year-old California girl lived after police found an envelope that reads: "From Sandra, to my killer."

Inside, police found a note that says: "You've taken my life away from me but I forgive you and god will judge you at some point," Sgt. Tony Sheneman told reporters Thursday evening.

Sheneman said the envelope was found where a memorial has been for several days. Investigators believe it was left between 4 and 4:30 a.m. Thursday.

He said police had examined the note and that it does not ahve any bearing on their investigation.

The message written on an envelope was discovered Thursday near a tree on the trailer park's grounds, KTXL.com reported.

However, KTVU.com reported the envelope would likely slow rather than help the search for Sandra Cantu's killer.

Sheneman said the evidence team was taking everything and anything into consideration in their search, but said some false leads were slowing their progress, KTVU.com reported. He said police have received 400 additional leads since Sandra's body was found in a suitcase Monday.

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The 8-year-old's family broke their silence Wednesday for the first time since her body was found.

They spoke out against whoever is responsible for her death, but said they can't imagine who that might be.

"We don't have any idea who could have done something this horrible to her," Cantu's aunt Angie Chavez said on the "Today" show.

Chavez also praised the work police have done in the case so far and stressed the family wanted Cantu's killer brought to justice.

On Thursday the family issued a statement asking that no more items be left at a memorial for Sandra, saying that seeing it was too painful and that thoughts and prayers were more appreciated.

Police have served more than 15 search warrants in the case, including at the mobile home park where Cantu lived and a nearby church, but so far have no suspects, they said.

"We feel a great deal of pressure. We want to find who is responsible for this," Sheneman told reporters Tuesday. "We don't want to rush to judgment and we don't want people tried in the press."

Cantu vanished March 27 after a surveillance video caught her skipping down the street near the Orchard Estates Mobile Home Park.

Her body was found in a suitcase Monday, 10 days later, by farm workers draining a pond about two miles from her home.

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