Ice Saves Life of Man Who Died 9 Times, Houston Hospital Says

A local actor recently had a massive heart attack, while leading a seminar in Houston. James Wark, 59, died nine times, before medical workers were able to stabilize him.

He said when he went into cardiac arrest, he passed out and didn't wake up for 2 weeks.

Doctors used something called a hypothermia protocol. They used cool packs on James' chest and thighs, to cool his body temperature to 91 degrees.

Doctors at West Houston Medical Center say the intent of this procedure is to try to lower the body temperature, to decrease the metabolism in the brain. This gives the brain a break, while other organs, like the heart, compete for oxygen.

James had to undergo a quadruple bypass. He is so happy to have survived his near death experience, he said he has stopped smoking, eats healthier, and is exercising more.

West Houston Medical Center CEO Todd Caliva said he believes the hypothermia treatment truly helps. He said the Houston Fire Department/EMS Workers are the first major metropolitan city to be involved in this type of protocol.

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