British Cartoon Strip for Children Appears to Depict Christian Boy as an Islamophobe

Christian groups are outraged after a charity funded by the British government appears to have depicted Christians as Islamaphobes in the latest issue of its youth magazine.

The cartoon strip "Standing Up For What You Believe In," featured in the latest issue of Klic!, shows a boy wearing a cross around his neck telling his friend that a nearby Muslim girl looks like a terrorist, according to the Daily Mail.

He then shouts to the girl: "Hey, whatever your name is, what are you hiding under your turban?" and she explains that the hijab she is wearing is part of her religion, "like that cross you wear," the Daily Mail reported.

The quarterly magazine aimed at 8- to 12-year-old children is described on the cover as "the best ever mag for kids in care" and is widely distributed by town halls, the Mail reported.

The cartoon has angered Christian organizations who say it represents an unfair double standard and fear it sends the wrong message, especially to the many Christian children who will receive the publication.

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