Florida City Outlaws Wrestling, Boxing at Bars

There's nothing wrong with enjoying boxing, kick-boxing or wrestling in Vero Beach, Fla. — just don't think about doing any of it at a bar.

The Vero Beach City Council voted Monday to revise a city ordinance to prohibit boxing, kick-boxing and wrestling — including in Jello, oil or mud — as well hard-core pornography at places selling alcohol. The ordinance also prohibits anyone from exposing their breasts, buttocks or genitals to public view.

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The restrictions are designed to make the city more proactive, Assistant City Attorney Wayne Coment told TCPalm.com, since many of the activities identified apparently haven't yet been an issue in the community.

The proposal was derived from court decisions requesting greater definition of what is prohibited, the newspaper reported on its Web site.

Little is left to the imagination under the legislation. Even the term "buttocks" is defined.

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