Woman Mistakes Nail Glue for Eye Drops, Seals Eye Shut for 8 Hours

A woman’s eye was glued shut for eight hours after she mistook a bottle of nail glue for eye drops.

Paula Griffin, 29, woke up with blurred vision and mistakenly squirted the hazardous substance into her right eye, gluing it shut for eight hours.

“By the time I realized what had happened, it was too late and I couldn’t dodge the liquid completely,” Griffin said.

Griffin said it the pain was a burning sensation and she described it as “agonizing.”

Eye specialists at Bournemouth Hospital in Dorset, England, cut off Griffin's lashes to pry the eye open again.

In order to open Griffin’s eye, doctors applied paraffin, which helped dissolve the glue. Griffin’s suffered a cut across here eyeball, so she had to take a week off work. Now, she wears false eyelashes.

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