President Obama's Aunt Remains in U.S.

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GLENN BECK, HOST: It's a sad story, America. It is. I'm going to try to keep my tears right where they belong. She has been ordered to leave the country two times. Two times. President Obama's aunt is still in the U.S. No matter how many times they try to throw her out for being here illegally, she stays here. God bless her.

She's here until her next court date. It would be the third court date. It's going to happen 10 months from now. So why — is my question.

In San Francisco, Rick Oltman — he's with Californians for Population Stabilization. That kind of sounds spooky. Are you just are anti-illegal immigrant or are you anti-immigrant?

RICK OLTMAN, CALIFORNIANS FOR POPULATION STABILIZATION: We want our immigration laws enforced, and that includes against the absconders of which the president's aunt is, one of the 600,000 absconders who was ordered deported but failed to leave the country.

BECK: OK. I'm not sure if you answered my question. You're for legal immigration, right?

OLTMAN: Yes. We support legal immigration to a certain point, yes.

BECK: OK. We'll come back to that one later. OK. Here's the thing. Obama's aunt, you know - and this came from her earlier. It is like little Tiny Tim, "I would like more, please, please. God bless us everyone."

She has a limp, didn't you know that? She should be able to stay. We've only tried her two times and kicked her out of the country two times. You can't go for three? She's got a limp.

OLTMAN: Glenn, I don't know anybody who expected her to be deported at this point, and I know there's supposed to be another hearing in February of 2010. But she's not going to be forced back to Kenya. I don't know anybody who believes that. But in the greater scheme of things ...

BECK: You're so cynical -

OLTMAN:... this just shows a problem with our immigration system.

BECK: What makes you believe that politicians are just playing games? I mean, disregard the last 10 years. But besides that, what makes you think they're just going to leave her stay here? She has been deported twice now and not left. Three times is a charm.

OLTMAN: She has been ordered deported twice. I don't think that it's going to happen. And what I felt when I heard that there was going to be another hearing next year was that something dramatic is going to happen with immigration enforcement between now and next year at that time. It could be a general amnesty for everybody in the country.

Certainly, right now, based on what Secretary Napolitano has ordered, we are setting it up for a worker amnesty in the country. But something is going to happen - or they're going to try to make something happen that's going to change the circumstances. And then, the aunt will be allowed to stay here under whatever contrived circumstances they come up with.

BECK: OK. So she came here illegally.

OLTMAN: I believe she came illegally and she overstayed her visa. Then she filed for (UNINTELLIGIBLE)


BECK: OK. OK. OK. I can't take the hate anymore. I mean - OK. So she stayed here - overstayed her visa. And so there were 19 other people that blew up the building and flew planes into (UNINTELLIGIBLE). They overstayed their visa. We're going to fix this, Bush. I'm going to fix it. I'll make sure that nobody can overstay their visa. OK. So this slipped through. She is clearly not a threat. She has a limp.

OLTMAN: They're not going to do anything about her. There are 600,000 people in the country.

BECK: No, I know that. Here is the thing. I am so tired of covering this story. And I wanted to ask you, so what do we do? Why am I even covering this? I agree that she should be kicked out. She should have been deported the first time she went to trial. I agree with you they are not going to do anything - limp or no limp. They're not going to do a damn thing.

OLTMAN: But why are we covering it?

BECK: What do you want people to do? They're all - everybody agrees with you except for about 20 percent of the population.

OLTMAN: That's the point, isn't it, Glenn?

BECK: It is.

OLTMAN: The majority of Americans between 2/3 and 3/4 agree that we should have sensible immigration laws and enforce the law.

BECK: Yes.

OLTMAN: Immigration and illegal immigration is changing the future of this country in ways that no other government policy could. And we, Americans, are supposed to have a say in that change and we're being ignored by the elected officials in Washington who do whatever they please and ignore the American people who want the border secured, which is not secured.

They want our immigration laws enforced, which they're not being enforced. And they want employment laws enforced, which they are not being enforced. This is the biggest single political disconnect between elected officials and the American public in my lifetime that I know of. That's why we're talking.

BECK: America, you just saw exactly how, you know, you feel every night. Americans are angry. And it's not for any other reason. Don't hate Mexicans. Don't hate Kenyans, even though they have a little limp — I'd like more, please. None of that stuff. It is just — live by the law. Play by the rules. It applies equally to everybody.

Oh, where have I read that before? On the principles and the values of the "9/12 Project." Where have I read those before? Oh, my gosh. In the founding principles. If you break the law, you pay the penalty. Justice is blind. I don't care if you are the aunt of Obama or the aunt of George W. Bush, it doesn't matter. Nobody is above it. Nobody is beneath it.

If you agree, go to the "" and check out the nine principles and the 12 values — at the ""

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