Daughter in 'Italian Fritzl' Case Says Abuse Began When She Was 9

A man dubbed Italy's version of cellar monster Josef Fritzl is to appear in court accused of raping his daughter and keeping her as a sex slave for 25 years.

Michele Mongelli, 64, and his son Giuseppe, 41, are charged with carrying out a string of brutal sex attacks on the now 34-year-old woman.

Giuseppe is also accused of abusing his own four children.

A judge will decide whether to bail both men or keep them in custody while further investigations are carried out.

Further leaked statements from the woman — given the false name Laura to protect her identity — have emerged in the Italian media.

Currently in the care of social services and psychologists in Turin, she has revealed further horrific details of her ordeal, which began when she was just nine years old.

She has already described how she was kept in a "darkened room with no electricity" and was treated as a "wife to her father and lover to her brother".

Laura said in her statement: "He said it was customary for a father to go to bed with his daughters.

"My father didn't just rape me but my sister also. Her eldest child was fathered by our father.

"My father began to abuse me when I was nine years old. He said 'I am going to teach you a game before I touch you which you will use when you are older.'

"My brother raped me first and then my father and the same thing happened to my younger sister.

"My sister said she would take a DNA test but in the end she never did."

Laura has already revealed how she was forced to have an abortion by her father after one sex attack and told hospital staff and police she was pregnant after being "raped by a Moroccan."

Scrap metal dealer Mongelli has been in custody for more than a month. Both he and his son deny the allegations.

Moneglli's lawyer, Antonio Genovese, said: "My client denies all the allegations against him — he cannot even have sex as he is impotent.

"He is diabetic and all this stress is adding to his condition. He cannot believe his daughter would continually make up these fantasies."

Prosecutor Paolo Scafi intends to play some of the recordings in court to prove the evidence and keep both men in custody.

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