9-Year-Old Oregon Girl Rescued After Being Swallowed by Ground

A 9-year-old girl playing baseball with friends on city land was rescued by her playmates Wednesday after being suddenly sucked into the ground by a large sink hole, Fox12 reported.

The girl's grandmother said it was a miracle that her granddaughter, Page Wiklund, survived the incident in which she fell through the top of an old septic or cesspool system in a vacant lot owned by the city of Portland, according to Fox12.

City workers said that the hole was anywhere from 16 to 20 feet deep and filled the hole Thursday morning, Fox12 reported.

Wiklund disappeared into the ground Wednesday as she was running to first base. Luckily she landed on a pipe that prevented her from falling the rest of the estimated 16 to 20 feet to the bottom of the hole.

"When I got there I fell down, down on my bottom, and it was all dark," Paje said.

When all they could see was a hand waving above the ground one of the girls playing with Wiklund ran for help while the other managed to pull her out, Fox12 reported.

"She could've been killed, she could've suffocated it could've been really, really bad," said the girl's grandmother, Karin Wiklund.

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