'Tummy Tub' Closest Thing to Life Back in the Womb

They may just look like babies in buckets — but this is apparently the closest these little ones will get to life back in the womb.

The ‘Tummy Tub’ is a Dutch invention with doctors, midwives, health visitors and maternity hospitals across Europe all giving it the thumbs up.

"It helps to ease the transition from the comfort of the mothers' womb," the makers say.

"It makes bath time enjoyable from birth; its special, original design ensures that babies adopt and relax in the familiar and natural fetal position. A baby can be immersed up to shoulder level safely and remains warmer for longer."

Here, seven babies took a dip in their plastic buckets after a baby massage class for new mothers in IJmuiden, The Netherlands.

The ‘Tummy Tub’ is recommended for children up 6-months-old.

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