Facebook 'Jews' Group Suddenly Praises Hitler

Some unsuspecting Facebook users may have fallen prey to a shocking prank.

A group on the social-networking site calling itself "I Heart Jews" garnered more than 2,000 members — until the group's name was suddenly changed to "Hitler: Great Modern Man of History," New York's WNYW-TV reports.

"It's disgusting. It's despicable," said Facebook user Wendy Erdheim, who had been part of the group. "Like, who would ever do that?"

Other members of the group were similarly shocked.

"Is this a joke?" posted one. "Because if it is not I am absolutely appalled."

Mark Weitzman of the Simon Wiesenthal Center said the name change was no accident.

"One would have to say that it's premeditated and that the intent was there from the beginning," says Weitzman.

"We don't allow groups that are hateful or threatening, for example, and will remove these as quickly as possible when they're reported," a Facebook spokesman said via e-mail to FoxNews.com.

He confirmed that this specific group's name had indeed been changed to "Hitler: Great Modern Man of History," but was later changed again to "I Love Jews" and was still on the site.

Postings to one of the 10 different "I Love Jews" groups on Facebook clearly referred to the Hitler name change, which appears to have taken place on or around March 18. It seems the group was renamed again Tuesday.

FoxNews.com has not received a reply to a request for comment from the group administrator.

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