'Body' of Yachtsman Murdered by Pirates Turns Out to Be Driftwood

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office said today that the search for murdered British yachtsman, Malcolm Robertson, was still ongoing off the coast of southern Thailand, contradicting earlier reports that his body was found floating in the Andaman Sea.

Robertson, 64, was bludgeoned to death by pirates on Monday on his 44ft yacht, "Mr Bean," while his wife, Linda, remained tied up in the cabin.

As Linda Robertson testified in court today against the three young Burmese men accused of the murder, a Thai marine police colonel announced that Malcolm Robertson's body had been found by a fisherman near Koh Adang, an island off Satun province, 600 miles south of Bangkok.

Colonel Lertchai Tinrat even said that the body had been formally identified by officers.

Although a fisherman had spotted something and reported the sighting and the coordinates to police, however, a subsequent search by boat and helicopter turned up only debris and driftwood.

"The Thai authorities are continuing their investigations and are still searching the area," an FCO spokeswoman said.

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