Surgeon Suffers Angina Attack, Keeps Operating on Patient

A brain surgeon continued operating on a patient despite suffering an angina attack because he knew the man would die if he stopped.

Claudio Vitale, 59, was carrying out a delicate operation to remove a brain tumor in the Cardarelli Hospital in Naples, Italy, when he began having chest pains.

As his pains became worse, Vitale (whose name means life) was urged by his medical colleagues to stop the surgery. But he insisted on finishing the procedure before seeking medical help for himself.

After the surgery, he agreed to a blood test, which confirmed a heart problem and within one hour, he was in surgery himself, undergoing an angioplasty to treat the attack.

"I couldn't leave the patient at such a delicate moment," he later told La Repubblica newspaper. "I'm not a hero, I was only doing my duty."

Both men are now in recovery and doing well, according to reports.

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