Report: Britney Spears is Moving to New Jersey

As if New Jersey needed more to boast about than holding the honor of being the largest chemical producer in the nation, the Garden State will soon be able to claim Britney Spears as a resident.

Yes, the pop superstar will soon move to the state that boasts the most diners in the world, as well as the most toxic waste dumps in the nation.

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According to Life and Style magazine, the star will stay at a rented home in Alpine during the east coast leg of her "Circus" tour. The stay will last a month and won’t even cost Spears a red cent – Jive records is footing the whole $30,000 bill.

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“She wanted a home away from home, especially for the boys – something close to Manhattan,” a source told Life and Style. “They talked about Long Island, but she wanted something closer that could feel like home for Sean and Jayden.”

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