Australian Gold-Medal Olympian Admitted to Psych Hospital

Olympic gold medal diver Chantelle Newbery is admitting herself to a psychiatric hospital in a desperate bid to beat chronic depression that has seen her attempt suicide twice this year.

Newbery, 31, was the darling of the pool after winning gold in the 10-meter tower division at the 2004 Athens Olympics.

It was Australia's first Olympic diving gold medal in 80 years.

She went on to compete at the Beijing Olympics last year, but since the Games her life has crumbled.

She was diagnosed with depression, her marriage to fellow diver Robert Newbery — with whom she has sons Jet, 7, and Ryder, 2 — has ended, and she admits she has twice overdosed on pills.

Now she is voluntarily admitting herself into a private clinic for a month of intense psychiatric treatment.

"I'm very ashamed of what I've done. It seems silly now, as I want to live, to be here in 20 years' time," Newbery told Woman's Day.

"I want my kids to have happy memories of their childhood. I don't want my kids to remember me as a sad mum."

Newbery said she was determined to get back control of her life.

And she hoped it was not too late to save her marriage.She said her husband knew she had been depressed, but had not expected her to try to kill herself.

She said she believed she had been screaming out for attention and support.

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