Rwandan Hutu Sentenced to 20 Years for Tutsi Slayings in 1994 Genocide

Dutch judges have convicted a Rwandan Hutu, Joseph Mpambara, of involvement in the slaying of two Tutsi mothers and at least four of their children during their country's 1994 genocide. He has been sentenced him to 20 years in prison.

However, the Hague District Court acquitted Joseph Mpambara of any involvement in the massacre of hundreds of other Tutsis sheltering in a church and of raping four women and then killing one of them.

The three-judge panel ruled Monday there was insufficient evidence to link him to the crimes.

The court said Monday that Mpambara's victims were hauled out of an ambulance and bludgeoned and hacked to death.

He also was convicted of torturing a German doctor, his Tutsi partner and their 2-month-old son by threatening their lives after detaining them at a road block.