Two More Octuplets Released From Hospital

Two more of the world's longest surviving octuplets were quietly discharged from a Southern California hospital Saturday afternoon.

Kaiser Permanente Bellflower Medical Center officials said two of Nadya Suleman's babies, Maliyah and Nariyah, were sent home to join their six older siblings and two infant boys at the family's new home in the Los Angeles suburb of La Habra.

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The two girls each weigh about 5 pounds 2 ounces and are gaining weight. The remaining four babies remain in the neonatal intensive care unit and are doing well, the hospital said in a statement. The infants were born nine weeks premature on Jan. 26.

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"This is another important milestone in the care of the octuplets," said Dr. Mandhir Gupta, a neonatologist who has cared for the babies since their birth. "Each day, these babies bring joy to our staff members along with a reminder of their role in the historic birth and care of the octuplets."

Hospital officials say the discharge was private at Suleman's request.

The release of the first two octuplets was a chaotic media event, as gawkers converged on the Suleman home late Tuesday night and photographers in a frenzy clung to the Suleman's car as she pulled into the driveway.

The mother of 14 called 911 to complain about the paparazzi and express concern for her childrens' safety.

Suleman's attorney and spokesman Jeff Czech said his client "hasn't skipped a beat" since her two daughters arrived home.

"She just keeps on going," said Czech, who added Suleman is helped by two full-time caregivers during the day and another two at night.

In an online video posted on celebrity news Web site earlier Saturday, Suleman discussed the father of her children, a foreign-born man in his 30s who lives in California.

The unemployed divorced mother did not reveal his name or where he lives, but she confirmed that all 14 of her children were conceived with his sperm.

Suleman, 33, has been posting online diary entries about her experiences.

In the latest video interview, Suleman reclines on a bed, smiling and occasionally pushing back her hair as she looks into the camera.

Suleman described the father as a friend who would make a good father. When asked what he looks like she pointed to her 7-year-old son Elijah.

When Suleman told the father how many children she was carrying he was speechless, she said. The father asked Suleman if the doctor knew she already had six children, ages 2 to 7.

Suleman also apologized to the man, promising not to reveal his identity.

"I'm sorry for all this mess and I hope he isn't scared it'll come out because it won't," she said to the camera. "As far as I'm concerned I'll never disclose who he is."