Spanish Police Seize 45-Pound Dinner Set -- Made Entirely of Cocaine

Police in Spain have seized a 42-piece dinner set with a difference — it's made entirely out of cocaine.

The 45-pound consignment — plates, cups, pots and saucers — was intercepted after a tip-off about a suspicious package which had been sent by recorded delivery last month from Maracaibo. Police said that the drugs were meant to have been reprocessed and sold in Catalonia, northeast Spain.

The “crockery set” of compressed cocaine was the latest ruse in an increasingly ingenious smuggling operation as disguised packages become one of the favoured methods for dealers to smuggle the Class A drug to Europe from countires such as Colombia, Brazil and Venezuela. Cocaine has been found diluted or mixed with other powders, while clothing fibres and other materials can be impregnated with the drug.

Two weeks ago Spanish police arrested a Chilean man aged 66 with a broken leg whose “plaster cast” was made with cocaine. The man, who was arrested at Barcelona airport, also carried six cans of beer and two hollowed out stools which contained the drug. Altogether he was caught in possession of 4.85kg of cocaine.

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