Girl, 5, Gets Kidney From Mother, Part of Liver From Father

A 5-year-old girl has become the first child in Britain to get organ transplants from both parents.

Jasmine Mirza is doing so well after being given one of her mother's kidneys and a portion of her father's liver — she was able to return to school at the beginning of this year.

"She is more part of us now than she ever would have been," said her father Sohrab Mirza.

Jasmine was diagnosed with liver failure at 7-months-old and has spent more than a quarter of her life in the hospital.

Shortly after the diagnosis, Sohrab Mirza decided to give his daughter part of his liver rather than wait for a donor to become available.

"It was amazing to be offered the opportunity and then to do it and see her so well," he said.

Last year, the family got the news that Jasmine would need a kidney transplant because the drugs she was taking to stop her body from rejecting her father's liver damaged her kidneys.

Her mother Cathie Mirza decided to step forward to be a donor — and in October 2008 — the 33-year-old donated her kidney to her daughter.

Jasmine is recovering — the only sign of her illness now is a feeding tube through her nose, which her parents hope can be removed shortly.

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